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Key Points: Consider This When About to Create a Website | Glow Dog Studios

Make sure your hosting provider doesn’t make you feel like this

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Shop around. When searching for a website host or any other service, don’t be too quick to trust the first business that comes up during a search. Several commonly used companies have a reputation for bad customer service and technical support, and worse. You need to be able to rely on your chosen service provider. Look at reviews if you can of the companies whose services you are considering using and see what other customers think of them.


Support. A service provider’s customer and technical support service may be one of the most important issues to consider. Sooner or later something may go wrong, and you need to be able to depend on your service provider to fix the issue and in a fast (and friendly) way. If you have to beg for help every time something goes wrong, or the support does not even exist (it happens!), the service provider clearly does not value its clients and cannot be relied upon to accommodate your needs. A simple way of seeing how competent and helpful your potential future service provider is, is to contact them and discuss your planned project – see how they respond and how helpful they are in response.

Your Needs

Do you want to be able to constantly update and post new information on your website like with a blog for example? Or do you just want a specific amount of information displayed on your website which will hardly if ever change? Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress are wonderful for editing, modifying and updating websites which is why its the main CMS that we use to construct websites with. Security updates are also fast and simple to do.


Consider whether you want to pick a service provider in your own country or overseas. If something goes wrong, your website is completely down for example, you do not ideally want to wait until the next day for the problem to be fixed due to your service provider’s support team being asleep. This is also an important issue if you want to work through an issue together with your service provider which requires both you and the support person to be awake and available at the same time.